Vieux Nice

Capitale of the French Riviera, Capitale of the French Riviera, the fifth city of the hexagon only became french in 1860: the result is a charming Italian styled old city, with unique in France baroque church, and above all, an ancient gastronomy, mingling Ligurian, Sardinian, Piemontaise and Provencal influences. Therefore, unique and exotic savors to be discovered amongst the charming medieval maze of narrow streets and small squares at the foot of its hill.

We provide three types of visits according to the length of the group’s availability.

Sweet and savory fun walk

25003 hours
  • Including: guide, tastings and VAT 

Savory lunch stroll

45003 hours
  • Including: guide, main course with drink, coffee or tea, 2 typical sweet tastings and VAT.

3 courses savory meal

65004 hours
  • Including: guide, starter with drink, main course with drink, dessert, coffee or tea and VAT.

Our tours can be scheduled around midday or in the evening, year round, always within the beauty and excitement of Old Nice.
These tours will be walking tours around the lovely old town; they will include tastings of local specialties or regional courses at regular intervals allowing for refreshing and informative breaks.

The guide will invite the group to enjoy some tasty specialities while giving them delightful information about their treats!
When the group enters each charming restaurant, the participants may sit wherever they like and enjoy the friendly contacts made within the group.
Our tours are intended for curious groups eager to learn the history of the city as well as savoring its specialties. They tours are particularly well suited for meetings or seminars that include some sightseeing. Additionally, work meetings are also well suited for these tours because they easily allow the guests to mingle and connect in a jovial atmosphere. Families and friends may also relish this type of convivial tour.

Below you will find a description of 3 tours that are the most popular; however, all of our tours are fully tailor-made for your particular group.
The time and the meeting point, of course, will be determined in advance for each tour.
Enjoy customizing your own « gourmet » three-courses progressive lunch or dinner within your budget.

The time and the meeting point will be determined in advance for each tour